I’m a historian from Ireland with degrees from Trinity College Dublin and the University of Chicago. My research focuses on Irish and British History, Jewish and Israeli History, Masculinity, Nationalism, Race, and Capitalism.

I work at the Frederick Honors College of the University of Pittsburgh; prior to this I held postdoctoral positions at Concordia University in Montreal (from 2015-16) and at Trinity College Dublin (2016-17). Between 2014 and 2018, I taught at the Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program at Wayne State University, Detroit.

My second book, Private Property and the Fear of Social Chaos, will be published with Manchester University Press in early 2023 and I am currently finishing a book for Pluto Press on the British Trotskyist group The Workers Revolutionary Party and their Irish-born leader, Gerry Healy, to be published in late 2024.

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Email: ajbeatty [at] tcd.ie